Residential Cleaning Services

Our process starts with our two man crew coming into your home along with a crew leader.  When they arrive they will begin with the kitchen, the heart of your home.  Our team will remove any cobwebs and dust from the highest places in your kitchen.  They will work their way down by cleaning the doors of all cabinets and cabinet hardware.  Next, we will clean and sanitize all fronts of appliances and the inside of the microwave.  All countertops will be cleaned and disinfected followed by the sink.  We will finish our work in the kitchen by sweeping and wet mopping our way out.  

From there we will clean your bathrooms beginning with any high dust and cobweb removal.  We will scrub and sanitize your sinks, toilets, and showers.  Any glass and mirrors will be cleaned along with smudges and fingerprints removed.  Rugs and bathmats will be vacuumed and left free of dirt and debris.  Bathroom cabinets will be cleaned as well as cabinet hardware.  Your floors will be swept and wet mopped as we leave.  

For the rest of the rooms in your home we will follow a similar process of high dusting, dusting of any horizontal surfaces, and dusting of personal items.  All horizontal surfaces will be disinfected and cleaned.  All carpeted areas will be vacuumed, and all hard floor areas swept and wet mopped.  

As a general rule our teams will dust all window sills and ledges as well as use a dusting tool to clean all baseboards and crown molding within reach.  Our process ensures all areas are taken care of and given the proper attention.  We allow the teams to exercise their judgement on areas that might need extra attention that is not specifically outlined in our scope of work.