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It's All Family Here!

Do you know the family story?

Here we are. Now we don't all have job titles at Sharp, but you know how the family business goes...everyone has a role!

Let me introduce you to everyone.

See that pretty lady on the far right in the white shirt and boots? That's Ashley. She's the one to blame for this whole thing! ha! She started the company out in 2010 servicing residential clients eventually moving into commercial clients.

Ashley's only here because that pretty lady in the middle of the picture- that's Nana. She's the driving force behind the encouragement and the wisdom, like any good Nana would be!

Then, you've got Krista...she's the pretty sister on the far left in the orange sweater. Krista came on board with Ashley July of 2016! Krista deals with all the finances, paperwork, paying bills, know all the fun stuff!

Next up is that tall handsome guy in the plaid (that's my husband!) Derek. Derek falls into that category of no specific job title but he used to have one! In the beginning years, Derek helped Ashley with Floor Work and a little Marketing. Let's be honest, more fishing and hunting and a little floor work or marketing, but nonetheless, floor work. And he's a mean machine when it comes to making those floors shine!

The other guy, my brother-in-law Jason also wears several hats around Sharp although none of them are official job titles anymore. He's our resident floor equipment hauler, encourager of the one who keeps things spinning...and used to help us manage accounts!

Then you've got all the kiddos! Although some of them are not so kiddo anymore (how could it be!?) They give us all motivation to pay the bills and occasionally help us with small projects like data entry and filing! We'll keep them around.

Last but not least...Derek married me, Caitlin, and that brought me into this crazy family picture. I finished up my MBA December of 2017 and took the plunge to come join the family business February 2018. Since my time here we've added 46 accounts to the mix, lost some, grown our social media following and had more crazy days than we could ever describe!

Family business is tough, of course! To everything you could probably imagine, we'd answer yes! But there is something to be said for working alongside the ones you love, the ones you have a vested interest in their success...and the ones that drive you the craziest...right guys?

Say hello to our little family!


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