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Hey! We're Sharp Cleaning Services.

Can I tell you about us?!

I know you've wondered...who are you guys? Where did you come from? Why did you pick cleaning?

Let's dive into those questions.

Who Are We?! Well...we're a family (mostly by blood, some by marriage, and some just by great friends who might as well be family!)

We'll start with Ashley, cause she started the whole thing! Back in 2010 Ashley decided that the idea of working for someone else was for the birds and she was ready to start her own business (that might be a slight exaggeration but you get the idea) so she began cleaning apartments herself as tenants moved out. That evolved into several other opportunities both residentially and smaller commercial account that she continued to clean herself and brought on friends and family members to help her. That grew to commercial opportunities that allowed her to take more of a supervisory role as she employed team members to work in the buildings and she could oversee their work. This carried on for something like six years until a new member of the team appeared!

Side Note: There have been several key members of the team that helped Ashley take the business to the next level and keep all the plates spinning. One of those that we would not be the same without is no longer working for us as she stays home with her grand babies and with my baby so we can all keep working. (We love you Tessa!)

Next, Krista Tollison came on the scene. As Ashley's sister, Krista took the opportunity Ashley gave her to join in the family business. Krista came on board to help run the office- everything from administration to finances. Coming from a corporate background herself, Krista's worked to help streamline many of the processes that Sharp uses to help run the business. About two years after that another key member of the team came on the scene!

Thats me! (Caitlin here) As the sister-in-law to both Ashley and Krista I was offered to step into a role of Marketing and helping run the day to day operations as a way to give Ashley time to focus on some other business adventures she had going on (seriously this woman does more by 9am than most do in a week- you should sit down with her and hear about it!) My role was to come on scene and help take Marketing efforts to the next level. It's been a fun adventure. In my first two years I brought on 24 accounts and so far in 2020 I've brought on 14 and not stopping yet! We've added one more member that rounds out the team!

Karen Vaughan (she's the one that's family just by being a great friend!) joined us as an account manager and as another key member of the business team. Karen helps manage a handful of our account along with Ashley and myself. This role is not for the feint of heart- hiring, firing, handling complaints, visiting buildings to check quality of work. All the things.

This is us.

Now...why cleaning? I guess the best answer is that it's something Ashley knew she could excel at! We believe these things set us apart in this line of work:

-We are Woman Owned and Operated!

-We are Servant Leadership Minded.

-We take communication seriously- our goal is to always be proactive rather than reactive.

-We know that our people are our greatest asset- we've got to do best by them to ensure they do best by our clients!

-We take cleaning seriously- we want to own the first impression of your building alongside you.

-Our quality assurance measures make sure we provide a thorough and consistent clean!

You made it through the first blog post! I think you deserve a hand clap! Thanks for tuning in. Stick around and we'll share business tips, cleaning tips, some fun stories and maybe even some messy ones!

-Caitlin (The Marketing Girl)

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