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Have You Needed More Faces in Employee Spaces?

Seriously though. Have you or your business been in that spot where you needed people desperately? We'll admit it, we have.

There are several reasons a business might end up in that position but we'll save that for another post all together! (High employee turnover, bad training, leadership lacking, not setting expectations well...the list could go on!) That is something you and your leadership team can dive into.

BUT here you are, needing people. So what can you do to gain a whole bunch of people quickly?!

brrrrr...drumroll please...A HIRING EVENT!

Sharp Cleaning Services has pulled off two incredibly successful ones so we thought we would share our secrets.

Key things:

  • Never stop collecting applications. It is really important that you are always working to build a bench of talent. When you need people you want to have a place to already start rather then start from scratch.

  • Be prepared to set aside a few days. This actually does have a process component to it so you need to be prepared for that ahead of time.

Here's how it goes.

Step One: Get your team on board. Let everyone know that this event is about to happen and you need them to block off their time.

Step Two: Pick four days and block them off on your calendar. (Preferably a week before you absolutely have to have these people! But we get it that can't always happen.)

  • Two for Interviewing

  • One for Decisions

  • One for Orientation

Step Three: Create the cute graphic to let people know about this event. Post it on Facebook, Online Job Boards, Community Social Groups, etc. In addition to the cute graphic, post the job on the job boards and your website (indeed, zip recruiter, Facebook jobs, etc.) Be sure to tell in the job posting this little key line "We will be conducting an in person hiring event. Please feel free to drop by anytime Tuesday 11/14 or Wednesday 11/15 between the hours of 10-2pm. You will be able to complete an application and interview in the same day!"

Step Four: Create an interview questionnaire that you will ask all people, so things stay consistent with all applicants. Be sure you have the questions you really need answered that are legal to ask.

Step Five: Call all the applications you have on hand and invite them to the event. Make sure you are doing multiple days and time options that work for people to take their lunch break. It might be wise to do an evening option as well if the nature of your business leans that way.

Step Six: Host the event. Have all applicants complete an application and read over and sign any information you need them to know about your business (like policies/ procedures, etc.). Call them in one by one and set a timer so you can stay on track. Ask all the questions on your questionnaire. Send them on down the road.

Step Seven: Use your third day to go over all applicants while they are still fresh on your mind. Rate them red, yellow and green. Red for no now. Yellow for maybe. Green for yes hire! Be sure that you actually do follow up with the reds, turn them down professionally via email or phone call- not text! Make your decisions and conditional hires. Conditional hire 2-5 extras because someone will not work out we promise. Invite all those back to the fourth day...the orientation.

Step Eight: Host the orientation. Train them. Go over all the things they need to learn.

Step Nine: Follow up. Follow up with further training you will need to do with the ones you hired to prepare them for their first day. Follow up with the others you did not bring on in the green or yellow category and let them know you are keeping them on the bench for the next opportunity!

Step Ten: Give yourself a hug cause you did it!

That's it! That's the plan. Follow those ten easy steps and boom you've got yourself a mass amount of people as quickly as you might need them!

We've seen this work twice now for us to staff teams as small as six or as large as twelve. We believe in it so we wouldn't lead you astray!

Best of luck!

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